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Skol - Boutique Custom Bicycles

Skol is all about that complete tailored experience for each client. We are the exclusive distributor of Ritte Bicycles in Australia. Buying a Ritte bike is like no other, from each custom bike fit to the home delivery or "on site" build, we know what its like to express yourself through the type of bike you ride and we also know how to make make that experience as organic as possible.

The word boutique gets thrown around a lot in the cycling scene at the moment and though thats a perfect word to describe Skol and the products we provide, we prefer to describe ourselves as individual. We offer a complete custom experience with each and every individual customer, and in the words of the creative geniuses at Ritte "buy our bikes because when you look at them they make you feel funny; makes you weak in the knees and filled with lust for an inanimate object".